Restaurants in Varna , Bulgaria

BMS – Bulgarian Cuisine

The restaurant offers typical Bulgarian food. Specialties of
Bulgarian cuisine can be tried here. Big choice of delicious food and

Address: Kniaz Boris I 42

Happy Bar and Grill

Typical fast food restaurants with a variety of dishes and drinks. Chicken dishes are recommended as specialties. The atmosphere is typical just like in Happy Bar. There are also places in the open.

Address: 1. Dragoman Str 1 ;2. Preslav Str 11;3. Tsar Osvoboditel
Blvd 25

Phone: 606 338;602 541 ;603 523

Chinese Restaurant “Domino”

A pleasant place for people who want to try Chinese food. The specialty of the restaurant is chicken fillet with lemon juice. There is a lot of fish dishes in the menu. A little nice restaurant with 50 places.

Address:Nikola Mihajlovski Str. 24

Phone: 601 520

Indian Restaurant “Indian Tandori”

A cozy, typical atmosphere can be found here. The specialties of the house are dishes with curry and Tandori prepared over charcoal. There is a summer garden with 40 places.

Address: Chaika 69

Phone: 303 081

Mexican restaurant “El Tako”

It is situated in the city center, near the Varna opera. Furnished in Mexican style and the food and drinks that are offered are Mexican and European. Every night – live music.

Address: Shoumen Str 2


“Godzila” is renowned for its great salads. The pizzas shouldn’t be missed also. The spontaneous atmosphere and the air-conditioned rooms will tempt to stay a little longer. There are two restaurants of that kind, one of them has a summer garden.

Address: 1. Maria Louisa 37 ;2. Knjaz Boris I 66

Phone: 604 469

Pizzeria “Don Basilio”

“Don Basilio” is a typical pizza-house with large choice of pizza, salads, and pastas. The pizzeria offers 80 places on two levels.

Address:Bratia Shkorpil 30

Phone: 228 378