Kayak tour in the Varna Bay – sport, relax and a view of the city from the sea

6 Jun

Are you tired of frying under the sun or of knocking back one beer after another at the nearest beach bar :) ? Why not tryout a kayak tour in the Varna Bay – relaxing, engaging in sports and taking a view of the city from the sea!?

SeaAdventure (www.seaadventurebg.com) offers a kayak tour in Black Sea, which begins at an authentic fishing village located at the foot of Varna bay. Once you got our equipment prepared and after a short instruction, the group heads off along the beautiful city coastline.

This trip allows us to view the town of Varna from a different angle, providing you with an opportunity to get a feel of the summer rhythm and life of our sea capital.  Once you  reach the entrance of port of Varna, the group will head south, crossing a sailing canal and after paddling for a short while, you’ll find yourselves at almost inaccessible and wild beaches located at the heart of Varna bay.

Here you may either have a picnic or eat at an exotic restaurant with an incredible view of the city and bay area.  After the hour-long break, the group will take off towards cape Galata which is the end point of Varna bay. Paddling further to the south, you will get a chance to enjoy some wild nature and exotic beaches. The tour programme ends at “Fichoza” area, from where we will head back to Varna.

Sea Adventure’s kayak trip programme is not compulsory and may be changed on the spot at the discretion of the guide, depending on the current weather conditions, physical capabilities and experience of participants, etc.

You may enquire SeaAdventure at contacts@seaadventurebg.com or call Deiana Peykova at +359 878 642273