Petar Zografov wins Eureka Poker Tour In Varna, Bulgaria

11 Jun

Home grown poker player, Petar Zografov, has taken the crown at the Eureka Poker Tour in Varna. H e took on a field of 246 players and came out on top of the game to take home ˆ48,745 which, due to a deal struck with his heads-up opponent, was less than the player who came in second.

Home boy wins title

Zografov took on Algirdas Saveikis in the final heads-up of the match that was played in the Golden Sands Resort in Varna and strangely enough due to the deal they had struck Saveikis came home with ˆ51,645, slightly more than the champ.

The final heads-up was like a mini marathon and produced nigh on three hours of very intense play. With Saveikis having a massive chip lead advantage going into the game most people thought that it was a done thing but with the lead swinging back and forth like a monkey on a rope, it was Zografov who fought back to take the title and the crown.

More for less

Although he may have won less money than his rival we are sure he won’t let that bother him as the title is the important thing, with the money being a close second. In fact, in an interview after the game Zografov said: “To win the trophy in my home country is the perfect situation, I feel great.”  Good on you Petar!!

Let us take a look at the final table and their winnings:

1. Petar Zografov (Bulgaria)                  ˆ48,745

2. Algirdas Saveikis (Lithuania)          ˆ51,645

3. Ted Stolzenbach (Netherlands)       ˆ22,050

4. Slaven Popov (Bulgaria)                     ˆ17,300

5. Michal Misterek (Poland)                  ˆ14,300

6. Daniel Karlson (Sweden)                   ˆ11,900

7. Deyan Stanev (Bulgaria)                     ˆ9,550

8. Nagy Barnabas (Hungary)                 ˆ7,600