Art train will carry painters, sculptors, musicians, poets and composers from Sofia to varna

21 Feb

In order to support prestigious title of the “European cultural capital” of the two Bulgarian cities Sofia and Varna in early spring a propaganda train will be launched from the capital of Bulgaria. It has already been called the “Art train”, because it will carry representatives of different art directions. Painters, sculptors, musicians, poets and composers will not be just going to Varna.

All the train cars (seven in total) will be converted into art and music studios, and the last car will be equipped with a powerful modern light and music system. Art train will make stops at every station along the route and everyone can get acquainted with new works of art, some of which would be created during the voyage. In the evening will be organized concerts and musical and light shows. The project organizers believe this action will give Bulgarian cities an advantage over others when the European Council will elected the new European cultural capital.

The concept of “European cultural capital” was introduced on the initiative of the European Union in 1985. This honorary title is annually given to a city, which for a year becomes a center of cultural life of the continent. At the same time, allocated subsidies allow the city to restore many historic monuments, add new elements to the city image and attract tourists to its cultural heritage.

One of recent traditions is to give the title of cultural capital to two cities from different countries. It should highlight richness and diversity of European cultures, as well as promote mutual understanding and good neighborly relations between the citizens of Europe. In 2019 the European Commission proposed to choose new capital cities from Bulgaria and Italy. These cities will not compete with each other, but rather supplement as many large-scale cultural events will be held simultaneously in two countries.

Ilya Kozlovskiy