Varna’s fishermen catch mainly turbot and whelk rapa, sometimes scad, bluefish and red mullet

13 Jun

Ships with length more than 12 meters long fish mainly for turbot and veined rapa whelk in North Black Sea, Yordan Harasimov, a member of Black Sea Sunrise Association, told FOCUS Varna Radio.

Varna’s fishermen sometimes catch also scad, bluefish and red mullet. Fishermen in the northeastern district of Varna rarely fish for sprat, because they find it unprofitable. Fishermen in the southeastern districts of Sozopol and Burgas catch sprat, because they can start fishing immediately after leaving the port, while in Varna fishermen have to sail longer distance before starting to fish, which is not profitable since sprat has a low price. Now fishermen are awaiting the lifting of the ban on turbot catch, he added.

Fisherman’s boat is sailing away from Varna