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Sea Garden Fountain The Alley near the beach at the winter Vacant benches at the winter Yellow Blossom at the Spring Varna Seaside Garden Aerial View to Varna and the Seaside Garden Small sculpture in Varna Sea Garden The sun clock at the entrance of Varna Seaside Garden Green figure of Ship  at the Sea Garden Green figure of Locomotive at the Sea Garden Primorski park in Varna Varna Seaside Garden There are even palms in Varna's Sea Garden Varna Seaside Garden is cleaned every morning A pond and the bridge in Varna Sea Garden This fallen tree is favorite of all kids An old monument (Pantheon) in the Garden The facade of Varna Dolphinarium situated in Varna Sea Garden Ferris/high wheel in the Garden

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The Seaside Garden of Varna is an about eight kilometre long park sloping down to the beach. There are some rare tree species and exotic plants.

Until mid 19th century the area of the present Seaside Garden (seaside park) was a bare field outside the town fortress. In 1881, after the liberation, the mayor of Varna Mihail Koloni brought up the question about a modern public park. His offer was first laughed at by the local municipal councilors but a certain fund for the project was anyway granted. Soon the park enlarged to 26 decares, 130 trees were planted, paths were cleared and ''towards nightfall alleys thronged by a long train of gentlemen and dressed up ladies''.

The Seaside Garden will always be associated with the name of the Czech Antonin Novak - a park designer specialized in the Vienna castles of Schoenburn and Belvedere. The 35 years old Novak was invited to Varna and he was assigned the post of a park director.

Nowadays the Seaside Garden is not only a nature reserve, but also a recreational place for the citizens. It's also a place of amusement as it comprises various attractions, such as The Aquarium, The Planetarium, Open Air Theatre, Kids Center, The Dolphinarium, many monuments and restaurants.
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