InvestBulgaria met present and potential investors in Varna region

18 Oct

On 17th October, 2013 in Varna a roundtable with the present and potential investors in the region was held organized by InvestBulgaria Agency (IBA). The executive director of the agency Mr. Svetoslav Mladenov, representatives of the business in Varna province, government and local authorities discussed the business climate and opportunities for investments in the region and steps should be taken for attracting more investors and new to be created in the region. Their project “Promoting the advantages of investing in Bulgaria” was presented in the meeting, which aim is to present the opportunities for business and investments in Bulgaria worldwide.

The IBA`s Executive Director Mr. Svetoslav Mladenov emphasized that Varna is one of the main investment regions in Bulgaria. “The city has great potential in attracting investments. That is why, it is important to speak more clearly to the business representatives and the dialogue between the business and administration should be more effective so as the business to be supported and facilitated by the state authorities”, Mr. Mladenov pointed out.