Golden Sands resort from the Black Sea – photo tour

28 Aug

Here I’ll present some photos I took during my fishing trip in front of the famous Golden Sands resort

Party boat in front of International hotel & casino

Panoramic view to the center of the resort

Me waiting for the fish to wake up

Another panorama to Golden Sands and Riviera

Oazis hotel – Riviera resort

Center of the resort and the Ferris wheel;


North end of Golden Sands with Berlin beach and Glarus hotels

Hotel Lilia

Berlin hotel on top of Ibersostar Izgrev & Obzor hotels

Old Astoria hotel

Parasailing boat in front of Admiral hotel

Sirena hotel

Admiral hotel & the attraction center

Marina Grand Beach and Astera hotel


Parasailing couple

Imperial hotel – Riviera resort

The pier in Riviera resort