Varna Becomes Tax Haven for Foreigners according to National Revenue Agency

30 Jul

Englishmen, Japanese and Chinese are paying taxes in Varna. They have chosen the coastal city to live there and to make business because of the low tax rates in Bulgaria. 4,848 foreign citizens had paid their taxes in the regional office of the National Revenue Agency, officials from the agency announced. The English form the largest group of foreigners, who pay taxes in Varna and this is by 56 people more than in 2010.

In a year the number of Russians, who live in Varna region, has grown by 67 and now they total 496 people. Greeks and Cypriotes are 391 as their number has increased by 52 persons and Germans are 207 people with a growth of 28 persons. Even citizens of the utmost parts of the world had come to live along the Black Sea coast 8 Chinese and 8 Australians, according to tax records. Obviously the coastal city of Varna attracts visitors not only for the summer vacation but to settle and to work there.
In Varna regional office of the National Revenue Agency are registered 626 foreign companies and in the first six months of 2011 they had paid 717,337 leva in taxes.

Many foreigners choose to retire in Varna