Nobody is responsible for cleaning of Varna’s Beaches after demolition of illegal properties

31 Jan

No state institution appears to be responsible for cleaning the rubble of demolished illegal beachfront properties along Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast.

After in December 2010, the District Governor’s administration in the city of Varna staged a demonstration of state responsibility, and destroyed several illegal resort properties on the very beach, two months later no one has cared to restore the respective beach to its original condition, the BGNES agency reported.

One of the demolished properties is the Ramona Hotel near beach of Varna . Neither the district administration, nor the State Directorate for Construction Supervision have completed the job leaving huge piles of concrete, bricks, and steel to be sucked in the sea by the waves and the tides.

Much of the rubble sinks in the sands on the beach creating all kinds of potential hazards for those who will try to use it for holiday fun.

The Bulgarian authorities will “traditionally” take measures after somebody becomes injured, and, of course, nobody will be held accountable for potential incidents.

What is more, after the years prior to 2008 saw a boom of construction of resort properties along Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, many of them built illegally or semi-legally, using loopholes in the legislation, many have hoped that the actual illegal hotels will be demolished at least some of the Black Sea beaches will be restored to their previous condtion. Such hopes have failed to materialize as only a few such properties have been destroyed, and apparently – not all the way through as there is no-one to clear the mess.

The rublle of the demolished hotel “Ramona” has been left just lying right there on a beach near Varna. Photo by BGNES