New regulations cause major headaches for Taxi companies in Varna

2 Mar

Taxi companies incity of Varna are reeling because of the new regulations which have caused major obstructions to their business.

New regulations dictating the new and lower prices mean that taxi drivers are obliged to visit the local authorities and the public transport office and have their tills sealed and approved, otherwise they will not be allowed to operate. Failure to have the equipment checked can result in 500 leva fines from the municipality.

The problem is that there are far too many taxis and capacity to process them is inadequate, which results in massive queues, long hours lost, and significant loss of revenue for taxi drivers and companies.

The new regulations stipulate that about 2000 vehicles must have their equipment checked and adjusted. But at maximum capacity of 60 cars a day, that means it will take more than six-and-a-half working weeks for all cars to undergo the process. The deadline however is March 15.

“I have been waiting here since 8am. I came with two cars from Dobrich. This is really bad business for me,” taxi driver Chanko Chanev told Bulgarian National Television.

“When they change the rate, we can’t work. We are obliged to have our tills fixed, otherwise we are facing 500 leva fines,” another taxi driver, Zhivko Vassilev, said