From Romania to Varna – potholes and super modern restaurants

5 Apr

In an article entitled “The Paradoxes of Bulgarian Tourism: from Roads with Potholes to Restaurants with Multitouch Tables”, the Romania Libera outlines a detailed report of traveling from the Romanian town of Giurgiu on the Danube to Bulgaria’s Black Sea city of Varna a 200-km road trip.

“Holes, many holes, and Cyrillic. They are the first signs that you have crossed the border into neighboring Bulgaria. The approximately 200 kilometers from Giurgiu to Varna are sprinkled with gray communist buildings, houses without roofs, and a gas station from time to time. This landscape gives the impression that you are rather in a third world country and not in one of the top tourist destinations together with New Zealand, the Peruvian Amazon, Norway or Japan, proclaimed by CNN in September 2011,” states the Romanian newspaper.

The paper points out that in Varna the scenery begins to change: more colorful buildings, shopping malls and four- and five-star hotels; potholes, however, remain a problem.

It says that nearly half a million Romanians visit Varna each year, and about 30 000 Romanians usually spend the Easter holidays there.

The report further discusses the facilities of Mall Varna one of the largest shopping centers in Bulgaria, and focuses on the Fusion Club Voyage restaurant to be opened shortly before Easter describing it as the “most innovative” restaurant in Bulgaria where each table is equipped with a touch screen allowing its clients to choose both food and entertainment.

Romania Libera says that the concept of the Voyage Fusion Club is based on a famous model established through a network of restaurants in Russia and Indonesia, and that restaurant owners in Bulgaria are proposing that by year’s end they will open such a venue in Bucharest as well.