Bulgaria exported 1.214 mmt wheat via Port of Varna

21 Jan

Bulgaria  Only via Varna port total 1.214 mmt of wheat were exported, according to the port’s chief, Captain Danail Papazov.
To avoid problems on the Bulgarian market the exported wheat should not exceed 490 kmt annually, the calculations of the Ministry of Agriculture point out. According to the same source, today millers do not avail of more than the wheat to last them three months. The granaries are empty. After that Bulgaria will have to resort to import. Some of the bakeries and millers have started buying expensive foreign wheat for 500 levs per ton.

Supply of Wheat Ensured until New Harvest – National Grain and Fodders Service

According to National Grain and Fodders Service, the available quantities will be enough to last the country until the new harvest.

The available quantities of wheat in Bulgaria at the moment are 1.583 ̀̀̉, data of the National Grain and Fodders Service show, which are based on information from the Customs Agency and the National Customs Agency.

Domestic consumption of wheat between July 1 and December 31, 2010 stood at 1,032 kmt, of which 280 kmt for planting stock, 461 kmt for the production of flour and 291 kmt for the making of fodders.

Exports as at the moment stand at 1,587 kmt, 43% more than in the previous year. Of these, 1,099 kmt were exported to EU member states, and 487.7 kmt t to third countries.

At the moment there are no applications for export of wheat and given the pace of consumption of the commodity for the making of flour and fodders.