Record-high number of Russian tourists visited the resorts near Varna

9 Nov

A record-high number of Russian tourists visited the Black Sea resorts near the northern Bulgarian city of Varna, the city’s Chamber of Tourism has announced.

The Chair of the Varna Chamber of Tourism, Marin Neshkov, has announced that 2010 was considered a year for reviving of tourism world-wide and, in his words, the Bulgarian Black Sea coast was not an exception.

He has explained that most indicative were the number of tourists, accommodations and revenues from tourism.

Besides Russians, the resorts near Varna were visited by many Romanians and Greeks as well, Neshkov said, adding that the tourists preferred mostly high class hotels, which offered quality services and other additional services on acceptable prices.

The Chair of the Varna Chamber of Tourism also said that despite the high temperatures recently, there has not been an increase of visitors, especially foreigners.

Neshkov has also expressed his expectations for a better planned, balanced and managed growth of the accommodations next year.

In his words, the positive side of the recession was the new “sober” attitude towards overbuilding and urbanization of the Bulgarian Black Sea resort.