Sofia Outshines Varna in Luxury Properties according to Bulgarian National Revenue Agency

13 Oct

A luxurious house with a lake, located in a village near the Bulgarian city of Varna, has impressed the National Revenue Agency (NRA) the most during the probes of upscale real estate at the Black Sea coast.

The NRA’s Head of Communications Directorate, Rosen Bachvarov, has refused to disclsoe the name of the village or the owner of the house.

On Wednesday, the tax agents were taking pictures of beach properties from a helicopter. This was part of a massive NRA probe on luxurious real estate.

“The campaign aims at mapping upscale properties all over the country, which for one reason or another have not been accessible overland,” Bachvarov said.

He explained that about 20 properties have been noted during the first helicopter flight over the Varna region. They included several hotels and big houses with huge yards and pools.

However, he pointed out that they could not come close to the luxurious properties that have already been established near Sofia.

About 300 properties have been mapped for a week during the NRA air campaign, which registered illegal constructions, tax frauds and suspicions of malfeasances.

Several regional Prosecutor’s Offices have been included in the operation because of potential tax frauds.

In Sofia, the tax inspection has included other institutions as well, like the Prosecutor’s Office, the Construction Control Directorate and municipal authorities.

Bachvarov has stated that due to the cases of illegal construction, even Sofia’s main architect, Petar Dikov, had decided to join the checks. In his words, the pictures taken from the helicopter did not exist in the municipal registers.

Two more flight are expected on Wednesday, aiming at mapping properties south of Varna. On Thursday, the tax agents will inspect the southern Black Sea coast.

“Next week, the helicopter will take pictures of luxurious properties at the heart of the country,” Bachvarov said and refused to specify the exact region.

Luxurious house with a lake, located near the village General Kantardjievo close to the  city of Varna